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What our learners say about us

Grace Mahanan

law Student
My teacher was Jordan, and he was very thorough and organised in answering my questions and teaching the agreed upon curriculum. He ensured I understood the content. I particularly appreciated his flexibility as I have a very busy schedule. I didn’t know learning Mandarin could be fun and far less stressful than anticipated! Thank you, Jordan!

Manuel Fragozo

I enrolled for one course, just curious about Chinese characters. It got me hooked ever since. Now Its my 4th year studying Chinese. Its not only about the Language, but its also about the Culture, and History of China. Our teacher Timothy is really knowledgeable, and all the teachers I have interacted with at Han Hai Language Studio, are well versed into the teaching of Mandarin Chinese. I fully recommend it! Give it a try!

John Udoidiong

The School management have deep knowledge and understanding of students need; and provide same timely.
BETTINA SU LAO SHI : A marvellous and outstanding teacher; Friendly and approachable. She is smart and truly support my learning goals.
GRACE JING LI: She is second to non in preparation and organisation skills. With you I see a future where Chinese language will be taught in schools in Nigeria.

Fatima Ameer

Yale-NUS College Student
Laoshi Jordan taught me and 2 of my classmates in a personalised intensive Chinese course that was ten weeks long. He was very empathetic and encouraging throughout the entirety of the program. He also made sure to go through every problem we had numerous times. 

Control how you learn & progress

Private Learning

A complete education program starts with private online live lessons. Available for beginners to advanced learners. 

Weekly speaking class

We organize weekly speaking classes via Zoom. Learn more & practice more with qualified native teachers !

Kids, teens and adults 

Our learners can benefit from learning with their peers in general foundation class , no matter their age.

Summer & winter programs

Keep progressing even in your summer holidays though a variety of engaging language activities.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the course schedule?

For all video classes, the course schedule is based on your availability. You can take the class any time you want at your convenience.
For Live Classes, please contact us directly and let us know your availability. we will help you to find a suitable schedule that works both for you and your teacher. 

Will the class be taught in English?

We use English as a medium to teach beginners and elementary learns. Lesser English will be used in higher levels.  Our teachers will speak Mandarin and use videos, signs and gestures to give students a fully immersive learning experience. 

How do you solve the time-zone difference ?

Our teachers are based more than 5 countries, we are able to cover different time zones. Simply get in touch with us to book your first class with us. 

Who are the teachers?

Our teachers are all native speakers who are qualified and experienced in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a second language. Minimum 2 years or 2000 teaching hours is required before joining us as an online teacher. 

How can I choose my courses?

We offer a number of different learning paths. If you are a complete beginners, you can start with our Beginners Course or HSK 1 Standard Course. If you have already studied Chinese before, we will need to access your level first, then recommend you the most suitable class for you. Kindly contact us to book your free assessment. 

What if the student and teacher’s personalities don’t work well together or the student is dissatisfied?

We have 16 teachers so if a problem occurs – which is extremely rare – we can switch you over to one of the other teachers. If you think you may get more out of lessons from a teacher with a different teaching style, we have the flexibility to change you to another instructor.
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