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Advanced Chinese

This advanced Chinese course is designed for intermediate Chinese learners who would like to improve their listening and speaking skills. This course is emphasize on speaking, reading and listening. Practical phrases and expressions will be introduced in a situational conversation. The objective is to improve student's communication skills under complex situation. 

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Topics covered in this course :

  • 人物和性格
  • 名人故事
  • 年夜饭必备菜单
  • 全职旅游博主
  • 旅游网站用盲盒吸引年轻人旅游
  • 极限运动在中国发展得越来越好
  • 社区安装感应器监视老人健康状况
  • 双十一购物节AI主播直播带货
  • 中国人用苹果庆祝圣诞节
  • 中国传统节日
  • 小男孩生日蛋糕上不用寻常的祝福语
  • 为改造生态环境深圳建1090个公园

Grace Guo Yimu 郭依牧

Founder & Teacher
Grace Guo Yimu is the teacher and founder of GTJ Education Holdings which has Han Hai Language Studio and under it's belt. The company was established in 2010, the mission is to help non-Chinese speakers to master Mandarin Chinese as a second language or as a foreign language. She is very creative in her teaching and exceptional in her ability to inspire and motivate students to learn and to explore. Unlike rote memorization teaching at regular schools, Grace strives to make Chinese learning fun and interesting for every individual in her class. Her corporate clients include Barilla Singapore, Daewoo International, IFC, J.Lauritzen, Makuang Healthcare Group, Prologis, SPRING Singapore and many others.