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Close the Deal - Guan Sin - Term 5

An advanced business Chinese series, Close the Deal provides specialized business content, task-oriented activities, and an energetic corporate feel that enables higher-level learners to expand their Chinese language skills to the business arena. The textbook was written by a team of language instructors led by Harvard University's Dr. Yu Feng, Close the Deal offers a cutting-edge business Chinese language curriculum that closely approximates real-world commercial ventures. Students work through a series of hypothetical situations where they must create their own market surveys, business plans, résumés, proposals, contracts, and more.


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Feb 12, 2022


12 weeks


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A few more words about this course

本课程适用于已通过HSK 6 级考试,或是拥有剑桥AO水准以及同等中文水平的学生学习。
《在商言商》中呈现16 个各种不同的课程主题,如人力资源、合并与并购、智慧财产权、连锁餐厅建立以及电子商务等不同领域。


Jordan Zhou 周政

Painter, instructor, writer
Jordan Zhou is originally from Tianjin , China. He is specialised in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a second language to young adults and adults learners, especially in preparing the students for their HSK 4 and HSK 5 exams in Singapore. His corporate clients include Embassy of Brazil and L'Oreal Singapore. His current students are from Indonesian, Laos, USA and European countries.