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HSK 4 Standard Course

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The HSK 4 Standard Course video class is meticulously developed based on the HSK 4 Standard Course Textbook. This resource is the product of a collaborative effort between the Beijing Language and Culture University Press and Chinese Testing International (CTI), embodying their joint commitment to high-quality Chinese language education.
Targeting students who aim to take the HSK Level 4 test, this video course stipulates as prerequisites the successful completion of the HSK Level 3 test, or an equivalent level of Chinese fluency. Designed with an emphasis on practicality and interaction, the course empowers students to engage in conversations on a multitude of topics in Chinese, enabling fluent communication with native speakers by its completion.
One of the key advantages of this video course is its flexibility. Students can utilize it independently for self-study, which allows learning at their own pace, or they can use it as a supplement to traditional classroom teaching, reinforcing concepts learned and enhancing understanding. This flexibility makes it a robust, adaptable learning tool catering to the diverse needs of Chinese language learners worldwide.



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  • Video Class: Engaging video lessons to guide you through the content and assist in comprehension of language concepts.
  • Vocabulary Flashcards: A learning aid that enhances the retention and recall of new vocabulary, making word learning more efficient.
  • Vocabulary Games: Interactive games to reinforce and test your vocabulary skills in an enjoyable and effective way.
  • Mp3 Audio Files: Audio materials for listening practice and to assist in pronunciation, enabling learning on-the-go.
  • Chinese Character Practice Sheets: Practice sheets to aid in the mastery of Chinese characters, improving your writing skills.
  • Quizzes: Periodic assessments to test your understanding and retention of the course material, providing immediate feedback on your progress.
  • Certificate of Completion: A formal recognition of your hard work and achievement upon finishing the course, showcasing your proficiency level.
  • Email Support: Personalized support to address your queries and difficulties, ensuring a smooth and effective learning process.




What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

The HSK Standard Course Level 4 is tailored for students planning to take the HSK Level 4 test. The prerequisites for participation include either passing the HSK Level 3 test or demonstrating an equivalent level of fluency in Chinese.
The curriculum is divided into two textbooks: 4A and 4B. The Level 4A Textbook comprises 10 lessons, delving into approximately 300 words (representing half of the Level 4 vocabulary). It also includes comprehensive explanations of 50 language points and 10 sets of potentially confusing phrases. The Level 4B Textbook mirrors the structure of 4A, offering another 10 lessons that cover an additional 300 words (completing the Level 4 vocabulary), plus detailed explanations of another 50 language points and 10 sets of phrases that are commonly mixed up.
Upon completion of this course, students will have the ability to engage in conversations on a broad array of topics in Chinese and communicate with native Chinese speakers with fluency.
Lesson 1 Simple love 简单的爱情
Lesson 2 A true friend 真正的朋友
Lesson 3 I've made a good impression on the manager 经理对我印象不错
Lesson 4 Don't be anxious to make money 不要太急着赚钱
Lesson 5 Buy the right, not the expensive 只买对的,不买贵的
Lesson 6 The higher the price, the better the quality 一分钱一分货
Lesson 7 The best doctor is yourself 最好的医生是自己
Lesson 8 Beauty is not rare in life 生活中不缺少美
Lesson 9 The sun will shine again after the storm 阳光总在风雨后
Lesson 10 Standards of happiness 幸福的标准
Lesson 11 It’s good to read; read good books and like reading 读书好,读好书,好读书
Lesson 12 Discover the world with your heart 用心发现世界
Lesson 13 Drink tea while watching Beijing opera 喝着茶看京剧
Lesson 14 Protect our Mother Earth 保护地球母亲
Lesson 15 The art of educating children 教育孩子的艺术
Lesson 16 Life can be better 生活可以更美好
Lesson 17 Humans and nature 人与自然
Lesson 18 Science, technology and the world 科技与世界
Lesson 19 Taste of life 生活的味道
Lesson 20 The view along the way 路上的风景

Rosa Yang 杨梦

Senior Chinese Teacher
Rosa Yang, a distinguished Chinese language instructor, holds a Master's Degree in English Language and Literature from Tianjin Foreign Studies University. Certified by the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), Rosa boasts over five years of experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.Her rich teaching experience encompasses students from diverse cultural backgrounds, including the USA, UK, South Korea, Singapore, and various European nations. Her teaching style, marked by patience and a fervent passion for imparting knowledge, has earned her the admiration and respect of her students worldwide.Rosa's expertise and dedication to teaching not only enhance her students' language skills but also foster a profound appreciation for Chinese language and culture in her international classroom.

Course reviews

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Rosa is simply the best in explaining the Chinese grammar. I have learned a lot from this course.
Ryan D.
 I was pleasantly surprised with the possibilities of learning Chinese online. Recommend to all!
Taylor S.
It course is very helpful for me to improve my ability in reading and writing. 谢谢老师 
Nadia L.