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HSK 5B Standard Course 

If you're looking to take your Chinese language skills to the next level, the HSK 5 Preparation Course is the perfect choice for you! This comprehensive course is designed to help you master the advanced vocabulary and grammar required to pass the HSK 5 exam with flying colors.

Our experienced instructor will guide you through the most challenging aspects of the HSK 5 exam, including complex sentence structures, idiomatic expressions, and specialized vocabulary related to business, politics, and culture. We'll also provide you with ample practice exercises and mock tests to ensure that you're fully prepared to tackle the exam with confidence.




You Will Get

  • Video lectures
  • Vocabulary flashcards
  • Vocabulary games
  • Mp3 audio files
  • PPT notes
  • Chinese character practice sheets
  • Quizzes
  • Certificate of completion
  • Email support from professional teachers who can answer your questions
What you are going to learn

A few more words about this course

The HSK 5B Standard Course Video class is designed to help students master advanced Chinese vocabulary and grammar. It covers the whole content of textbook 5B. It is the continuation of HSK 5A Standard Course.

With experienced instructors, interactive lessons, practice exercises, and mock tests, students will have ample opportunities to improve their Chinese language skills and achieve fluency. The course covers a variety of topics, including idiomatic expressions, specialized vocabulary, and complex sentence structures, and provides personalized feedback and support from instructors. 

  • Combination of Testing and Teaching—The series covers 100% of the HSK Syllabus and is 100% consistent with the HSK test.
  • Scientific and Well-arranged—The grammar points are carefully divided and implicitly connected, and pronunciation and characters are taught in a step-by-step progressive manner.
  • Diverse Situations—The short texts and dialogues in various situations help reduce the difficulty in learning and increase exposure to a wide range of the language.

Throughout this course you will learn:

Lesson 19 家乡的萝卜饼
Lesson 20 小人书摊
Lesson 21 汉字权叔:一个美国人的汉字情缘
Lesson 22 阅读与思考
Lesson 23 放手
Lesson 24 支教行动
Lesson 25 给自己加满水
Lesson 26 你属于哪一种“忙”
Lesson 27 下棋
Lesson 28 最受欢迎的毕业生
Lesson 29 培养对手
Lesson 30 竞争让市场更高效
Lesson 31 登门槛效应
Lesson 32 身边的环保
Lesson 33 以堵治堵——缓解交通有妙招
Lesson 34 鸟儿的护肤术
Lesson 35 植物会出汗
Lesson 36 老舍与养花

Grace Guo Yimu 郭依牧

Founder & Teacher
Grace Guo Yimu is the teacher and founder of GTJ Education Holdings which has Han Hai Language Studio and under it's belt. The company was established in 2010, the mission is to help non-Chinese speakers to master Mandarin Chinese as a second language or as a foreign language. She is very creative in her teaching and exceptional in her ability to inspire and motivate students to learn and to explore. Unlike rote memorization teaching at regular schools, Grace strives to make Chinese learning fun and interesting for every individual in her class. Her corporate clients include Barilla Singapore, Daewoo International, IFC, J.Lauritzen, Makuang Healthcare Group, Prologis, SPRING Singapore and many others.

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I took classes from Grace about a year ago.
Grace is a very helpful and dedicated teacher. She provided me with additional resources and always answered my questions to the best of her ability. Till today I know I can rely on Grace when I have doubts with regards to my Mandarin.
Robin Chua
Over the course of 2 short months, teacher Grace helped me make significant progress in my speaking ability. She was very accommodating in terms of tailoring the classes towards the specific topics I wanted to discuss. I feel much more comfortable now using Mandarin at work and will continue my studies to further improve my Mandarin skills.
Leon Potthoff
I appreciate the flexibility and keeping the content real and updated based on currently spoken. I’m very interested in improving my spoken chinese andI find this course very beneficial.
Guo 老师,谢谢!
Marijohn Sampson