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HSK4 Preparation Class - Term 3 & 4 - Robert

The HSK Standard Course Level 4 preparation class is designed for students who are intended to take the HSK level 4 test. Participants needs to have either passed the HSK level 3 or have equivalent level of fluency. HSK Standard Course Level 4A Textbook includes 10 lessons, covering about 300 words (half of the Level 4 vocabulary) and the detailed explanations of 50 language points and 10 groups of confusable phrases. Upon finishing this course, students will be able to make conversations on a wide range of topics in Chinese and fluently communicate with native Chinese speakers.


Starting date

T4: 12 March 2021


12 weeks


$ 485

Timothy Wang 王振宇

Timothy Wang is originally from Tianjin, China, a city full of diversity, glamor and culture. Besides teaching Business Chinese and Advanced Chinese courses, he also teaches Chinese Calligraphy Class and Chinese Boutique and Art Appreciation workshop. His corporate clients include Embassy of France, RBS, Bocimar, Goodwood Park Hotel & Platinum Equity.