HSK Chinese Level 2 Character Workbook 

 This HSK Level 2 workbook is the second workbook of HSK Character Writing Series.  It contains all the the characters that you need to learn for your HSK level 2 test. We have made it easier for you to follow the stroke order and radicals to learn Chinese characters at your own space. 
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Why you need this workbook?

 300 Chinese Words with Tian Zi Ge Grid (田字格)practice sheets
 Words and phrases are explained in English with Romanised Pinyin Pronunciation and picture icons for a fun learning experience
 Total number of strokes and radicals are highlighted for each Chinese character
 Online audio for all HSK level 2 vocabulary and more than 340 related phrases with native speaker pronunciation
 Strokes and radicals practices with anseer sheets are inlcuded for self-assessment
 Chinese Radical List with meaning and pronunciation are included for easy reference

Begin your Character practice with the following 3 steps:

  • Learn high-frequency and useful words
  • Build your own vocabulary map and practice with rapid memorization
  • Combine your practice with stroke order and audio inout in the most efffective order 
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